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Tourism Whistler is a legislated  membership organization which markets Whistler on behalf of its Members. All owners of what is designated "Resort Lands" in Whistler must be a Member of Tourism Whistler and contribute assessment fees to support ongoing marketing for the resort.   The success of  Whistler is based on both its national and international appeal. Its recognition as a world-class resort is the result of the extensive marketing by Tourism Whistler and its Members. Investors  who purchase property on Whistler  Resort Lands pay assessment fees  to Tourism Whistler in order to market  the resort to the world.  The amount of fees is dependant upon the number of sleeping areas the property has and if the property is being used for commercial nightly rental acivity.  A one bedroom with a sofa bed would constitute as a 4 sleeping units.  If used for nightly rental the owner would pay an annual fee of $1059.88.  A 2 bedroom property with sofa bed (6 units) would pay an annual fee of $1,589.82.  A  3 bedroom property with a sofa bed  would pay $2,119.76.  If an owner is not using the property for commercial rental activity would pay about 1/4 of the commercial  fees.


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