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Source: SnapStats


Here is the latest sales statistics on Detached Home Sales in West Vancouver in September 2013.


Variance                                        August           September       Variance


Inventory                                        506                     533                5.34%
Solds                                               75                        69                  -8.00%
Sale Price (Median)                   $1,838,000          $2,200,000          19.70%

Sale to List Price Ratio                 92.0%                  91.7%              -0.33%
Days on Market                               67                        43                 -35.82%


Below you will find a summary of some further information on the Detached Home Sales in West Vancouver:


  • Official Market Type West Vancouver Detached: Buyers market at 13% Sales Ratio average (1.3 in 10 homes selling)

  •  Homes are selling on average 8% below list price

  • Most Active Price Band*: $3.5 mil to $4 mil with average 22% Sales Ratio (Sellers market)

  • Buyers Best Bet*: Homes $5 mil and greater, Chartwell, Eagle Harbour, Lions Bay and minimum 7 bedroom properties

  • Sellers Best Bet*: Selling homes in Gleneagles, Upper Caulfield, Westhill and up to 2 bedroom properties


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